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Oil & Gas

Hytera brings an enormous pedigree to the Oil and Gas sector, working with some of the world's largest producers. Discover how Hytera has helped improve security and safety around the globe.


While Hytera provides safety, security and reliability, our wireless communications solutions have helped utility companies in other ways, for instance, maintaining appropriate staffing levels. Read on to discover more.


Hytera is helping global commercial enterprises find efficiencies, reduce risk and improve safety. Discover how we're helping businesses get more out of their wireless communications.


Hytera is renowned for its world-class implementation in airports, across train networks, and in city metro systems. Discover how Hytera is improving security and safety for transportation businesses around the globe.

Public Safety

When lives are at risk, you need radio systems that won't let you down. Hytera's experience with public safety organisations helps them overcome geographical challenges, and protect the public.

Other Sectors

From sports to events, construction and beyond, Hytera's DMR systems can be found all over the world. Find out how we're helping businesses across all other sectors.

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